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Brewing a Brand Refresh

Corim was founded on the principal of fairness – fairness to our customers, our growers, and our team. We began in 1990 as a grassroots coffee distributor and quickly grew to be a leading co-packing and private label manufacturer.

30 years later, we are proud of our humble beginnings and honored to have partnered with some of the country’s leading coffee and beverage companies. Today we unveil our refreshed brand identity with a new logo, color scheme, and website that better embodies Corim Industries as we head toward a new decade.

What’s Changed, and What Remains the Same

Over the past few decades, working with cafes and retailers has given us a unique insight into the needs of our partners. In order to support startups, retailers and national chains at every level of growth, we expanded our product line to over 100 flavored coffees and varieties of soluble powder mixes.

We now house multiple brands under the Corim Industries family that provide private labeled sugar and sweeteners, a wide selection of beverage mixes with onsite agglomeration, custom coffee roasting and co-packing, single serve Corim Cups, and specialty products designed by our onsite Corim R+D Lab.

Our new logo and color scheme represent our promise to our partners: quality products and a commitment to customer service. We act as a one-stop-shop for companies looking to grow their businesses through quality products and outstanding private label design and marketing.

Our renewed website was built with you in mind. With so many flavors, varieties, and packaging options available, we wanted to find the simplest way to showcase our wide selection without overwhelming your ordering process. We also wanted to share some of our knowledge gained over the past 30 years to help our partners build a cohesive product line and grow their business. You can now easily explore the Corim Resources for industry trends and advice, or our product pages to explore our packaging and flavor options.

With all of these visual changes, the mission of Corim Industries remains unchanged. We care about the quality of our products and the partners we work with, both of which are the foundation of our business. Our customer service is the main ingredient, and that has not changed.