Fundraising With Corim

Perk up your profits

Get Your Fundraising Brewing

Corim Industries, we believe in the power of community. Our desire to give back to our community sparked the Corim Fundraising Program. Schools, organizations, nonprofits, sports teams, and clubs can raise funds to support their mission through our affordable and fast fundraisers.

Corim fundraisers are designed around your needs, with free local delivery and order fulfillment within 4 weeks! Choose from three fundraising products: Corim Roaster Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Keurig compatible single serve Corim Cups.

4-Step Ordering Process

Corim makes it easy to have a profitable fundraiser. Follow these steps and we’ll send your delivery in under 4 weeks.

Step One

Choose Your Products

Corim offers three products for our fundraising program that can be sold together or individually. Make a 100% markup on ground coffee bags, hot chocolate, and fully-compatible single-serve beverage cups.

Coffee lovers can choose from signature blends to seasonal favorites, while unique hot chocolate flavors like Glazed Cinnamon Bun are perfect for non-coffee drinkers. Single-serve beverage cups, called Corim Cups, are available for coffee, hot chocolate, and tea!

Step Two

Contact Us

Contact us through the Fundraising Request Form below to let us know you will be fundraising with Corim products, and tell us more about your organization! Our team will take care of printing and shipping all fundraising forms to you.

Need extra fundraising forms? Click here to download our forms!

Step Three

Share With Friends and Family

Once you receive your forms, distribute them to participants, and get busy selling! Corim’s gourmet coffee and hot chocolate make a great treat for events and offices, so think outside the box when deciding who to sell to. School events, local businesses, parties and sports games are perfect places to raise funds for your organization.

Step Four

Submit Your Order

Collect all participate order forms, and combine the order totals into one order form with totals for the entire organization. Keep your participant forms for easy distribution!

All orders come with free local delivery and a guaranteed 4-week delivery period. To submit your form and ask about delivery fees, email us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!