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Creative Beverage

Private Label Your Soluble Mixes

Refine your own drink formula

Corim Industries Creative Beverage is a leader in the soluble powder industry, offering tremendous variety, co-packing and private labeling services for companies of any size. Rather than partnering with multiple companies for each of your unique drink needs, our in-house chemists will develop the recipes, allowing for accurate, creative and cost-effective supply chain management. All of our products are blended with the highest quality ingredients to meet the taste buds and budget of our customer’s needs.

Partnering with Corim Industries opens up endless opportunities for custom formulas through the Corim Research & Development Lab, resulting in one of a kind beverage mixes that perfectly reflect your taste profile, your brand and your customers. We can also help review your product concept and raw material sourcing to find new and trusted methods of refinement.

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Develop Your Own Drink Mix

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Work with the Corim Industries Research & Development Lab to personalize your powdered mix. Once your unique mix is finalized, we assign a custom number to your sample that tracks it throughout the manufacturing process.

Corim R + D Lab

Corim Research & Development Lab

Work with the Corim Industries Research & Development Lab to personalize your powdered mix. Our onsite team of skilled researchers and developers can unlock your products potential to create the ultimate beverage formula, while also meeting your budget.


Our on-site agglomeration building is used solely to improve the flowing properties of our powder mixes before finalizing and packaging the product.

This process helps increase the density of a powder mix and its ability to dissolve in a liquid, thus reducing the dust in the powder and allowing it to dissolve faster in your drink.

Having this facility on-site means your product is never outsourced, the timeline stays as short as possible, and we keep costs down.

Private Label Your Mix

Brand recognition is a vital aspect to the success of a business. Therefore, we help by private labeling your beverage mixes. All of our products are blended and packed in food service, retail and individual servings. A high percentage of Corim partners prefer to private label their packaging.