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Powdered Drink Agglomeration

Powdered drink mix, agglomeration, & private label services.

Beverage Production

Collaborate with the Corim Research & Development team to create custom drink mixes and beverage lines. Use our state-of-the-art development process to plan everything from flavor development to manufacturing. Minimum order quantity of 50lb.


The Agglomeration Process

Agglomeration improves the flowing properties of a powder mix, increasing the density of a drink powder and its ability to dissolve in a liquid. This helps reduce the dusting of our powders and delivers a smoother drink. Corim offers agglomeration onsite so your powdered mixes are never outsourced and always smooth.


Private Label & White Label Drink Mixes

Go beyond bland packaging and design a suite of custom packaged coffee products. Our in-house graphic designers can brand any packaging, from single serve compatible Corim Cups to bulk bags.

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Pick Your Products

Explore hundreds of powdered drinks and products – or collaborate with our R&D Lab to design your own.


Corim will oversee all drink mix production with our top of the line, onsite agglomeration technology.

Private Label Packaging

Send us your design requests and we will package and white label your products. Package your product in single serve pods or packs.

Flavors & Options

Powdered Milk
Hot Chocolate
Cappuccinos – multiple flavors
Chai Tea
Drink Mixes with Flavors
Drink Mixes Fortified with Vitamins
Drink Mixes Fortified with Electrolytes
Agglomerated Honey Mix


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What Our Partners Say

"Working with Corim Industries has been an extremely positive experience for us. Their manufacturing capabilities have been outstanding and have always kept pace with our volume and deadline demands. Also, their overall commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is excellent and second to none."

– Corim Distributor

"I have been a customer of Corim Industries for over 20 years, in 2 totally different types of coffee businesses. They are truly a wonderful company, always willing to accommodate and bend over backwards to work with us. We attribute much of our success to Corim as they help their customers to grow on many levels. Always fair and they correct any issues immediately. Natan is hands on and works with every customer, nobody is passed off to someone else. With all of Corim’s customers, big or small, Natan always makes a point to greet me and willing to talk when I need him."

– Corim Distributor